Hallie came in the house this afternoon holding a little boy who received quite the little goose-egg (courtesy of his older brother) when his head made contact with the river rock in our flower beds.

Hallie was so concerned for her little brother’s health. She stood just far enough away that she wasn’t “in the way” but close enough she could keep an eye on him and was willing to run around the house gathering his blanket, sippy cup, a treat and whatever else I asked of her. Her face was full of worry and concern. I seriously have never seen a goose-egg that large – I’m just hoping there’s no serious damage, he clearly hit the rocks hard!

After a while, Bennett started feeling a little better and decided it was time to leave the arms of his snuggly mother and find some toys. Hallie was still full of worry. She finally says to me, “Mom, aren’t you going to take the rock out of his head??” The poor girl was full of concern because she thought that when he hit the rocks, one jammed underneath his skin forming a bump, she kept waiting for me to cut it out of him. She didn’t believe me when I told her otherwise.

Her comment was definitely the highlight of my day.