It’s amazing how time can fog your memory, in both good and bad ways. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember what my early days as a parent were like and then I see pictures like this, and all the memories come flooding back:

These pictures were taken after one week of becoming parents. You can see the overly glazed look in Steve’s eyes and the swollen nature of my own. It was a rough week. Month. Year. But somehow, we made it through, and now we’re blessed with this beauty.

This sweet girl made us parents 7 years ago today. And she almost made herself an only child!!

She loves to read and can’t get enough of school.

She argues the most minor of points…Steve makes it clear that trait comes from me.

She is so loving and kind to her little brothers, but is quick to remind us that she still doesn’t have a sister.

She’s inquisitive, and she now has the attention span to hear the whole answer, not the watered down version.

She is a friend to everyone.

She’s got a little sass and she’s strong and is willing to fight for whatever she puts her mind to.

She loves to be my little helper. If I mention the word project, she won’t leave my side!

She has the most infectious laugh, you can’t help but laugh along with her.

6 was a good year and now she is 7. We’re hoping her sweet innocence sticks around just a while longer! We love you Hallie.