Like most 4-year-olds – Hunter really likes pirates.

It started last year when he chose this costume for Halloween: (don’t you love the plunging deep v?)

We decided his first “friends” party would follow suit – a pirate theme it was. You can see the invites here.

We used two brown tablecloths hung on a string for the backdrop with a pirate flagand pirate balloonsfrom Amazon. We used a red and white stripe tablecloth that we already had with black fabric over it, with some fish netover the top.

I made a simple burlap banner to drape from the backdrop.

We dressed them in pirate bandanasand eye patchesand made pirate swords out of balloons.

They colored wooden pirate masks (from Michaels) and we taught them how to “walk the plank”.

The favorite activity of the party: The cannon ball launch.

Steve would fling cheese balls (you know the nasty puffed cheese treats that try to imitate a Cheeto Puff?) using a plastic spoon and the kids tried catching them in buckets…or their mouths.

We sent them home with “loot”; complete with a treasure map (Hobby Lobby), chocolate gold coins, “cannonballs”, and pirate balloons. (We sent the white paper sacks through the printer)

It was a good day to be a pirate.