I was totally deflated last week when I realized there was a major issue with one of my home projects. (here) I was deflated but for a short time…once I got my hands on a saw and hammer…I was elated. I spent two days with tape on the wall that looked like this:

That was long enough for me to realize, I was completely okay with our “rearranged plans”. Friday morning I attacked the wall, tearing out the drywall of our new doorway.

By this point, I knew we were in over our heads. We knew there were wires running through the wall, nothing Steve couldn’t re-route (although he claims ignorance in home projects, he did work for an electrician for 5 years when he was younger, he does know a thing or two…) we just underestimated how many wires were running through the wall. I finished taking the drywall off the other side of the wall so the studs were completely exposed, and sent a picture to Steve at work. (What husband wouldn’t love to get that picture at work??) By the time he walked in from work later that afternoon, he was just laughing at me, “You really did it, you knocked a hole in our wall.”

We made a phone call to the electrician that trained Steve. Bless his heart, he was at our house within 24 hours re-routing everything. After seven hours of re-routing, he was finished. There was no way Steve could’ve done the things this guy had to do to move everything around.
And after reinforcing the wall with a nice big beam, we were able to open it up completely.

It’s still in the rough stages, but it’s coming along. The best part about this whole deal is that it is a straight shot to the kitchen from the office for my nightly snack without having to walk around the whole house!