We never use the tub in our master bedroom. Bennett has had an obsession with this tub since he started to crawl. At first he found great pleasure in figuring out how to get in the tub. That kept him busy for several months. But once he could crawl in and out of the tub without difficulty he had little interest in it. I thought his obsession with the tub had finally come to an end…I was wrong.

His new obsession is collecting things in the tub. He finds random things around the house, in drawers, closets and throws them in the tub. Because we never use the tub, things start to collect. When I can’t find something – I look in the tub. To name a few, I have found my make-up, shoes, spatula and books in the tub. Currently, this is how it looks:

We’ve got a loofa, some lotion, a towel, a pirate balloon, pieces to a board game, an empty Bisquick box, my shirt, Neosporin and a baby toy. You never know what you’re going to find in the bathtub!