We’re halfway through November and I haven’t even expressed any gratitude! We usually have a Thanksgiving advent calendar that we hang in the kitchen and we write our gratitude as a family every night. The floors have thrown us for a loop, it’s still not hung, nor will we be getting it out this year. But we still have gratitude.

Hunter is grateful for preschool and his friend Jack – he talks about both of them non-stop. He’s also grateful for his legos that he spends hours playing with.

Hallie tells me every day how grateful she is for school and piano lessons. She is also grateful that she has her own pack of gum so she doesn’t have to ask permission. No joke.

Bennett is grateful for his swaddling blankets. We have four of them, and it’s still not enough. He’s also grateful for his brother and sister, he much prefers them over Steve or myself.

I am grateful that the concrete grinding has been completed and we are once again able to enter the kitchen without going outside. I’m also grateful that I’m feeling healthy and strong once again which means I’ve been able to work on a couple more projects while the floors are ripped out.

Steve is grateful for another carpool buddy which means he only drives once or twice a week. He’s also grateful for Audible.com and the Mormon channel to keep him entertained during the commute.