If you’ve seen one fire station you’ve seen them all, so you can imagine my lack of excitement when the permission form came home from Hunter’s preschool mandating every child be accompanied by an adult for their class field trip. But when Hunter expressed how excited he was to see a real fireman, I was quickly reminded that although I’ve seen several fire stations, this was his first one and he was excited. I became excited with him.

One of the kids in the preschool has a dad who is a fireman who led the tour, so this was by far the best field trip I had attended. They even got to lay in the beds with the lights out and have the alarms go off. Hunter thought that was pretty cool. He was fascinated with the “costume” that they get to wear.

Each kid took a turn spraying the water and walking on the truck.

They then took the teacher up in the ladder bucket 80 feet in the air. With the teacher getting higher and higher in the sky Hunter became a little more concerned but he just kept waving.

Bennett was a good little buddy and Hunter loved having him there. He kept announcing to all of his friends that he loved his baby brother Bennett and on cue Bennett would run to him and give him a big hug.

I love Bennett’s expression in this photo: He was so excited and just finished giving the greatest laugh.

Hunter was mesmerized throughout the whole tour. Especially when the fireman started talking about what to do if there’s a fire outside of your door, they were told they need to climb out their window. Hunter shot me a glance and I could see the wheels start to turn, “I should try climbing out my window!” We need to have a family night discussing an escape plan. We had one in the previous house, but now that our kids are on the second level we haven’t gone over the new course of action. We need to address it soon before my little boy starts to practice how to get out of his room on his own.

The plastic hat was all he needed to pretend that he was a firefighter all day long. He’s now obsessed with fire and people dying in fires. His poor lego men and buzz lightyear have been burning in fires for days now!