For any of you that have ever scraped popcorn ceiling, you know how miserable it can be. Scraping above your head for any amount of time is uncomfortable and painful, leaving for hand feeling tingly. We decided while we had our flooring torn out in the office it would be a good time to remove the dated popcorn ceiling. I started the process this morning. I laid down plastic to cover the newly ground concrete floors and then started in small sections, spraying the ceiling with water and then scraping. Sprayed a little more and scraped a little more. After a good hour this morning, my arm was numb. I called it quits.

Knowing that we are having floors installed next week I decided I would go back at the scraping tonight. I got back on the stool and started to scrape. Steve was passing through and stopped to watch the process. I was just starting a new section. I sprayed and started scraping. After I just a few scrapes, which literally took all the upper strength of my right arm, Steve said while standing in the doorway, “That’s not as hard as I thought it would be.” I slowly turned around in exhaustion and gave him the look of death and then I simply laughed at his response. He got my vibe and quickly recognized his statement wasn’t well timed. I’m not going to let him live that one down!