Halloween is always a favorite in these parts, but yesterday, despite our fantastic costumes I wasn’t feeling well. I’m battling a deep chest cold so that’s what I will blame it on. That and I had to leave the house. Days I stay home are always better than days I have to leave!

It was a busy day running from place to place, party to party and making sure we caught up with family and friends.

Hallie’s school had a parade. I told her before she left for school that I probably wouldn’t be able to make it because I had to get Hunter to school. She replied, “That’s okay, you can come late.” Decision made, I would go to her parade.

After her parade, I made it over to Hunter’s parade.

We had a quick lunch at home before going back to Hallie’s school with Hunter for her class party- by this point I was really feeling under the weather and all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed. But instead I filled plastic gloves with popcorn and refereed the spider toss game.

We made it home in time for homework and pictures before heading out as one big happy “incredible family”. My camera wasn’t working right and Bennett was unwilling to be cajoled. I debated even going out with the family, my bed was calling. But what’s a family without Elastagirl??

Our neighborhood/ward held a fantastic party in the culdesac. We ate good food, let the kids run around with their friends and enjoyed the costumes of all the other families that dressed up.

By this point, the kids were anxious to gather candy. We made a couple stops to see family and then made selective visits to friends that we know and love in and around our neighborhood. The kids (and especially me) ran out of steam before we were able to make it to all the houses we intended to visit. Which meant the kids didn’t come home with tons of candy and for that we’re all very grateful.

The costumes were a big hit. We even felt a little famous when several families asked if they could have their kids picture with us. We were kind of a big deal! It was so much fun we may need to do a family theme every year. Steve assures me however, no costume that he wears in the future will involve tight red pants – or any other color of tight pants. He continued to remind me throughout the night just how much he loved me to go out in public the way he did. He’s right, he a rockstar…some might go as far to say he’s incredible. The jury is out!