Steve and I talked of driving to Idaho for Thanksgiving to visit my family. Some days I thought it was a great idea, other days the thought of spending 32 hours in the car in 7 days sounded miserable. Plus there were a couple other factors that played into it; one factor being the weather. We are in our prime for weather, why in the world would we want to leave? July and August however, I’ll stay in Idaho as long as I can, but not this time of year. The mornings and nights are cool but it’s warm during the day.

In fact it’s warm enough that the day after Thanksgiving we had a swim party at Steve’s brother’s house. The pool was heated and it was a little chilly for some, buy my little fishies were in heaven.

My niece works for the famous “J-dawgs” in Provo so she cooked us up some dogs with the special sauce. She’s trained in deliciousness and she did not disappoint!

I know cooler weather (at least cool weather to us) is just around the corner so to sit and enjoy family in the warmth of the afternoon was relaxing. We’ll let the kids enjoy their shorts and flip flops for just a bit longer!