You always want to pass your best genes on to your children, and when they inherit your not so glamorous genes you just apologize.

I have two children in which I offer an apology: I’m sorry you received my sensitive skin (in regards to the body, not in being easily offended). Not to divulge too much detail but I’ve lived a life of rashes and dryness and bumps and itching and it is no fun. I am all too familiar with the sound of scratching your skin until it bleeds while sleeping. I can hear my kids doing it and in the morning a neck will be raw, the back of legs will be bloody, it is so painful. Not to diminish the value of doctors but they’ve been less that helpful in this department. “Use this lotion” “Bathe them less” “Put this cream on them before bed” yet none of its working.

This poor guy has it the worst.

His skin feels like sandpaper and he constantly scratches. No amount of lotion/cream seems to be helping. In fact his skin is so dry he still has cradle cap from his newborn days. His hair does a great job of covering it up but it’s still there.

So I ask, What am I missing? Is there a “magic” lotion/cream that we haven’t tried. (hydrocortisone was the most highly recommended/suggested that we’ve used) Even when we took our oldest to the dermatologist they told us to use over the counter stuff. It’s bad enough and gone on long enough that I start to question whether a change of diet might help some. Anyone else have any experience with this??