It’s funny how traditions morph. While living in Milwaukee we hosted family for a delicious Thanksgiving breakfast – you name it, we probably had it. Afterwards there was some football watching by the men, while I decorated the house for Christmas. My sister-in-law went to her house to finish preparing the feast we would devour for dinner. No need for lunch on a day like this!!

Upon moving, we tried to keep the breakfast tradition alive and we failed miserably. No one wanted to eat breakfast with us! You see Arizona has such great weather for Thanksgiving, that everyone wants to be outside doing something active, usually playing football or turkey trots. So as much as it killed me to lose our breakfast smorgasbord, we clearly had to adjust. We decided one day a year it wouldn’t hurt us to act like we were athletic while we participated in a turkey trot. I suppose I should clarify, by participating I mean we showed up, took pictures with numbered bibs and then hopped on our bikes and rode the 5K instead of running. I claim it’s because we have young kids, but in just a few years when those kids are old enough to run and I still choose to ride my bike, they’re going to realize I’m a fraud! Hopefully by then I can work myself to running a mile. Yes, a mile, as in singular.

Steve’s parents graciously hosted the family just as they do every year and we are more than grateful, especially considering the current condition of our own home. (here)

We were assigned a couple of things to contribute, one of which was place cards. We did some killer place cards two years ago (here) as a fun craft for Hallie so we were excited to have another “craft session”. We went with pilgrim boats with sails. (I have a feeling this might become our task every year!)

We also brought a “turkey” vegetable platter. Hallie thought this was the funniest thing ever.

No Thanksgiving is complete with out a little football: playing or watching. There was plenty of fun to go around.

I brought a backdrop to set up a photo booth for all the cousins – this provided endless amounts of fun. Never a dull moment and not one of them is the least bit camera shy. If it wasn’t for the sun going down this would’ve gone on much longer!

There were plenty of shots that I wish I could post but I have nephews threatening to kill me if they see it on the blog! Steve and his brother also got in on the action – they seemed a little too comfortable with the camera!

By the third round of pie (and completely exhausted children) we decided it was time to put the day behind us with gratitude in our hearts. It was a lovely day.