Watching these floors be installed is like watching paint dry. It is painful. More than anything I just want my house back so I can roll out the Christmas decorations. But something inside of me says I should wait until all the glue is cleaned off the floor! Speaking of which, I’ve been spending hours cleaning glue residue off our new floors. Board by board, Hours and hours. My back and arms are ready for that project to be done. I could just wait until the floor guys are done and they could do it, but that could be a week from now – so I started scrubbing.

We’ve got just one last section to be installed this Saturday. Oh happy day. This is the wonderful eye sore that currently greets everyone when they come to our house and the area in which Bennett insists on playing. Go figure. Hallie is ready to have the piano unwrapped so we stop canceling her lessons (as we’ve done for the past three weeks.)

We’re getting ready to install the new baseboards and moulding. I decided it would be a good time to paint the hallway since I didn’t have to tape around anything. While I was at it, I figured it was time to re-paint the areas that we did some drywall repairs on. And as I got this project in full force at 9:30 this evening, I quickly realized the paints didn’t match. I went back to the old can and the new can and sure enough they have the same exact formula. But boy are they different shades. Of course this had to happen on the largest wall of our entire home. Three separate areas had to be touched up. I suppose I will be going back to the paint store tomorrow in hopes that they can color match the older color – if not, it looks like the whole wall will be getting a fresh coat of paint! Did I mention I’m dying to get Christmas decorations out?