9 years. I cannot believe it’s been that long. What were we thinking getting married right before Christmas? Every year our anniversary rolls around, we’re too caught up in the season to enjoy a nice celebration. Buying gifts is hard because Christmas is just around the corner. So we don’t exchange gifts and we’re both okay with that.

Tonight we went out to dinner without kids (Thanks Laurel) and had endless conversations without any interruptions! That alone was a gift. We exchanged letters we had written, highlighting the previous year and sharing thoughts and feelings that always seem easier on paper.

I think my out-of-the-box thinking is starting to rub off on my husband because he suggested (not only suggested but had collected all the supplies) for a “dream board”. We used magazines as we cut out words and pictures of what inspires us, what we want to become and what we want for us and for our family. It was fun and insightful and we were able to share what we cut out and why. Steve is a genius and totally gets thoughtful points for that idea!

I thought I was one lucky girl 9 years ago – still rings true.