As much as I wish Christmas was in full swing around here, sadly it’s not. The floors are just getting finished and the task of cleaning and getting everything back in it’s rightful place on top of painting rooms and reinstalling moulding is taking it’s toll on all of us. I thought today would be the day, but my husband looked at me with tired eyes and said, “Really? Tonight?” I suppose I’ll be spending all day tomorrow creating order so he can’t reject me tomorrow night!

I did manage to pull out the Christmas books tonight. I know a lot of people like to wrap them all up and have the kids open them each night – not us. I like certain books on certain nights. If we’re running short on time, we are selective as to which book. Not to mention the fights that would break out as to who gets to open it when…ours sit on the entertainment center and the kids can sit and look through and read them at their pleasure. And they do.

They each have a favorite and so do I. I came across this book a few years back when a friend suggested it for our expanding holiday library. It’s a little longer and is lacking in the illustration department (I really wish someone would re-do it) not to mention it’s out of print, but I love it. It’s a true story of a man who plays the role of santa in New York City for 12 years. It’s very tender and is always one of the first books I read to bring in the Christmas spirit. There’s a couple used versions on Amazon (here), It’s a great addition to any library.