This is how holiday crafts go for me:
I see something on the internet or in a magazine that strikes my fancy.

So I purchase all necessary supplies.

Craft ends up taking far longer than anticipated, which means the craft isn’t complete by the time the holiday arrives.

The unfinished craft goes into a holiday box only to be rediscovered the following year which is when I pull it back out and attempt to finish it by the time the holiday arrives.

Case in point: These lovelies just came out of a bag half finished. But here they are in all they’re glory – and I have a lot of them, far more than fit in this vase!

Also customary in most craft projects – a casualty. Here is today’s casualty: Bennett got his hands/face/feet on a jar of glitter. He was more than a little sparkly. Not to mention the floors. And also my dust pan and even the vacuum. I think I spent more time cleaning up glitter than I did finishing them up!!

Here are the details:
I bought large Christmas bulbs through ebay – a large box of them. However, I’ve heard of people using strands that were burnt out (the largest Christmas bulbs).

Using a brush, I painted the bulb with Elmers glue. I poured glitter over the bulb and used my fingers to lightly press the glitter into the glue. I finished them off by spraying them with a clear glossy spray paint, so the glitter doesn’t rub off. A little tip: Martha Stewart glitter is superior, however, it is a little more expensive. I hadn’t ever thought about the differences in glitter but all are not created equal! MS glitter is really fine and seems to be extra sparkly. I love the look. You can find a multi pack here or probably at Michaels. I used sterling (silver) and garnet (red). I also used blue and green MS glitter on my alphabet wall (here) for the letters u and f – at first I wrote those in alphabetical order and realized it was highly inappropriate!