It’s funny how Santa evolves through the eyes of a child over the years. It starts when they’re so young and we spend so much time and energy filling their minds with complete and utter jibberish. And then year after year the stories evolve and descriptions change and before long they’ve figured out that we’ve been lying to them the whole time. And we all accept this as good practice…

We thought this was the year that Hallie would be done believing. She started with all the questions early in the season. She wanted answers as to “Why this…” and “Why that…” Kids at school tell her one thing, and she would come home to clarify. Before long we overheard her telling Hunter, “He’s not real Hunter, there’s no way he could be real.” I pulled Steve aside and told him we better tell her the truth so she can stop ruining the fun for other people. But yet there was still an innocence about her that wanted to believe. She still wanted to see him and sit on his lap, “even though he’s just a grandpa dressed up.” You could see it in her eyes, she was hanging on to that little hope that she had left, despite what friends/cousins had told her. Around them she stood tall and didn’t believe but she still needed something to believe in. Perhaps next year she’ll be ready for the truth.

We’ve got kids at all stage of believing this year and it’s fun to see how different they deal with it. I share with you the 3 stages:

1. I’m not sure if I believe. Everything tells me that I shouldn’t, but I still want to. I ask my parents and they keep telling me that he’s real but they have a whole list of excuses for all my questions. I’m not going to make a list because I don’t think it really matters. But if lists do matter I want a box of girl legos.

2. Santa is the coolest thing ever. I love him and the candycanes he gives out. I wish with all my heart I can catch him in our house. I will probably lose sleep at night wondering if the sounds on the roof were the reindeer. I’ve seen three different santas this year but I’m oblivious to the fact that that should raise concerns. I’ve been really thinking of what I want to tell him…but I think I’ve got it narrowed down. Legos. Nothing but legos.

3. Santa is a creepy looking creature from far away. Oh no, mom is walking me close to him. Oh no, oh no. Panic. He’s even creepier up close. I’m going to attach to my mom’s leg and not let go. Please just turn around and walk away we are way too close for comfort. I am more than uncomfortable. More panic. Why is she handing me over to him. Start the screaming. Wailing. Tears. Why is a stranger holding me. Get me down. Now. I don’t care what candy you throw at me, I’m done.

Although Bennett doesn’t look like he’s having any fun, I assure you he’s loving the car that Santa dropped off for him!

Sometimes it’s just fun to believe in something, no matter how crazy and silly it may seem. It’s fun.