The guy came Tuesday night to finish up our flooring. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. I’m sure he was happy to have this lengthy project finished as well. It has been 4 weeks of concrete grinding, and pounding, and glue being tracked places it shouldn’t be. I think I’ve cleaned the floors thoroughly 3 times in the last 6 days and looking at them, you wouldn’t even know it. I’ve been told it might take a while…It doesn’t help that I’m cutting baseboards outside which I’m sure gets tracked into the house.

We’ve got tools in just about every corner of the house and for the most part the kids stay away from them. I have said more than a couple times, “Bennett, put the hammer down” or “Don’t play with the crowbar.” Hunter tried his hand at the miter saw trying to cut his sugar snap peas, fortunately he can’t turn the saw on. But it was a good reminder that we need to end the danger zone soon!

I’ve been working away on the baseboards and the trim around all the doors. It is not a quick process. It doesn’t help that nothing in the house is truly square, or even close to square. It makes for a tedious process, but the final product is amazing.

I’m anxious to get the office looking like an office again, for now, this is the view:

I’ve contemplated painting something on the wall on the right – it’s the wall you see from the entry way so it needs some impact. Perhaps herringbone – tone on tone – with a pearlized paint. Does that even exist?? My plans may have to change when I can’t find the paint in my vision! I just need to make a decision because the desks can’t be put back in until it’s finished. Luckily its the holiday season so I have all sorts of time!