This time of the year leaves our counters littered with delicious homemade goodness. Our neighbors are more than generous and we’re always with more than we can handle. Steve gravitates towards anything peanut butter – the PB fudge was a favorite. I like the nontraditional goodies, like the jar of honey butter and fresh rolls. But we got a treat that the youth from our church delivered to everyone in the neighborhood and I can’t get enough: Trader Joes’s Joe Joes. Kind of a mouth full!

Essentially it’s a peppermint oreo – they are so good. Surprisingly, my oreo-loving husband isn’t a fan. Which means there’s more for me, which is not good. I don’t even let the kids have them because they’re happy with the store bought gingerbread cookies, I’m not going to waste Joe Joes on them!

Steve saw them in the cupboard yesterday and said, “You know I don’t like those, so they won’t get eaten.” (Implying that we should just toss the box). I reassured him that although I’m not a big sweets person, they would not go to waste. I will end up consuming the box by eating one cookie a day. Savoring every last bite. The box may very well be stale by the time I get around to finishing it. And even then, every cookie will be eaten. Guaranteed.