I love when my toddlers start to talk. It’s a right of passage and frustrations start to diminish. Finally I can start to understand what it is they want.

Mr. B has taken a lot longer to really develop the verbal aspect of his personality…it’s now starting to shine through! For the longest time I couldn’t get him to say mom/mommy, now it’s all he says. In fact, I don’t even think he associates the name “mommy” with me. He calls Hallie mommy, Hunter mommy, even Steve. He calls his drink mommy, he screams mommy if he wants a snack. This is what I hear all afternoon, “Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy, mom.” I can be sitting right next to him and he points to something across the room, “mommy”. Apparently I did too good of a job brainwashing him while he peacefully slept.

When he wants something he repeats mommy nonstop and just stands and points. I try and get him to repeat the correct word but only mommy comes out of his mouth. He knows if he goes to his big sister, she’ll give him whatever he wants…such as a whole bucket of pretzels. Sneaky guy.

Despite the obvious language barrier, we are fortunate that he understands a lot more than he can speak. “Go get a diaper”, “Where’s your blanket?”, “Lets get in the car”, “Do you want a snack?”, “Rub my feet”. We like to train them young. 🙂