Tonight you did something at dinner that made dad shoot me a look and say, “She is just like you.” And you are. I bet if my mom was around you a lot, she would see me as a little girl in you, I just know it. You are growing so much in so many areas and I love to see your personality develop. You’re strong willed. You have been since the day you were born. You have caused many tears for me already and I’m sure you’re not through! Not all tears of sadness, but some of happiness, frustration, doubt, overwhelmed.

You see, you are too smart for your own good. Nothing gets by you, no matter how hard I try and shelter you. To you, the world is black and white and no gray. And you are right. You are always right, even when you’re wrong. You never back down. As a parent, there are few things more frustrating than a child who refuses to be submissive. I thought children were born submissive, but you weren’t. Instead you were born strong-willed and ready to lead and I am trying my hardest to not strip you of your nature. But it is hard.

I need you to be respectful while still voicing your will. Although it’s hard to imagine, I have been around for a while longer than you and have learned a thing or two. I don’t want to argue points (whether the color is red or scarlet, it makes no difference) with you on a daily basis that have little importance because they just cause contention and more frustration. But I do love that you have an opinion and you are more than willing to share it. I need you to be strong. The Lord needs you to be strong. You will do amazing things with such a strong will.

But today you are a child, my child.

My child who still has so much to learn from loving parents (I’m still learning from my loving parents) who devote everyday to teaching you and loving you. I never want to strip you of who you are but I will continue to teach and train. Please know I do this with love and admiration and I’m learning right beside you.

Our Heavenly Father sent you to me because he knew how much we could help each other.
Your dad is right. You are just like me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You make me laugh – you are determined – you are smart – you are confident – and you are so passionate. You are mine.

I love you.