I went to bed the night of our anniversary feeling really under the weather. Body aches, chills, sore throat. By the next morning it was in full swing and it hit me hard. Steve apologized profusely as he handed Mr. B to me while I lay immovable in bed while he rushed off to work. Of course the Friday before Christmas I had absolutely nothing to do…a perfect day to be sick.

Steve’s mom was kind enough to take the two youngest kids while Hallie was at school and my sister-in-law convinced me to go to the doctor. Not something I normally do – especially only after 12 hours of feeling sick. But the real flu has been running through the family and not wanting to miss out on an ounce of the holiday I rushed in. I did not have the flu. Thank heavens. I did have strep. In the last two months, we have all tested positive for strep. The doctor said one of the kids (figure out who the carrier is) needs to take one for the team and have their tonsils removed. Perhaps we’ll draw straws after the holiday to see who the lucky one is!

I was out cold on Friday. My lovely list of to-dos was pushed aside. Saturday I was feeling slightly better. Made it to my nephews baptism and that sealed my fate. I was back in bed for the afternoon with a fever and as achy as ever. I woke up early evening in a pure panic. I can’t be sleeping right now. I have so much to do and I’ve missed out on two whole days of preparations. Presents aren’t wrapped. Food needs to be purchased and prepared. Laundry needs to be done. House needs to be put back together (two days without mom duty can leave the house in quite disarray!). I got out of bed, got dressed and got to work. Steve tried holding me back but I couldn’t be stopped. Although sore and slightly fevered I started crossing things off the list. Many things just had to be dropped; not worth the extra work and stress to fit them in. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any worse after gettings some things done, but then my husband found the couch and curled up as he started to experience similar symptoms. Luckily for him by morning he was feeling a bit better.

This morning I felt a little better, but still running below normal. My normal. Steve clarifies that I’m running at what most people run on all the time, it just seems lower than normal for my abnormally high energy personality!

Today we had the Christmas program at church which I look forward to all year. I would’ve enjoyed it far more if Mr. B would’ve let Steve and I enjoy it. One of us was out the entire meeting with a crying child. I’m sure the people around us loved the noise and distraction! Even with the little that I did hear, it was amazing. I love how quickly music can bring the spirit of Christmas into a room. I told Steve this year convinced me that I am going to join the choir next year so I can sit on the stand and enjoy the whole program. He made the same threat, but I know he won’t really follow through!

Hunter gave his first talk in primary and nailed it. The Fisher-Price nativity was key to his storyline!

One of the many downsides to our sick weekend – I couldn’t find Hunter or Bennett’s fancy holiday attire for church. They wore them once at the beginning of the month and I could not for the life of me find them this morning.

I learned some things aren’t worth the stress and chaos they create. Holiday outfits were one of them. A group family photo using a tripod was another.

I’m feeling slightly rushed waking up to Christmas Eve in the morning but it will all work itself out, right? The things that are important will get done; the other things will fall by wayside. And that’s okay. I’m so excited for Christmas I can hardly stand it!!