December is always full of “stuff”. Half way through the month I start to question why we schedule so many events for this month. Can we start doing Thanksgiving programs instead??

There are programs and concerts and parties and gift exchanges and Christmas cards and neighbor gifts and decorating and family events and…and…and…It’s a packed month. It always is and we’re over halfway through it. Today we had Hunter’s preschool Christmas program. This wasn’t your average preschool program – this thing was a production and it was awesome. And they served lunch, total bonus!

The kids sang several songs, each song used a different prop. Some songs were meant to fun and silly and Hunter just stood reverently singing, making sure to never leave his nametag taped to the floor. Although he’s normally a very animated kid, he was pretty reserved and definitely won “best behaved kid”.

His teacher managed to create a program and control 48 kids (both classes) effortlessly, she amazes me.

A special visitor dropped by – and he was totally legit.

Hunter loved the attention and especially loved that Steve was able to sneak away from a party for work to join us for a half hour. He was beaming – he’s a daddy’s boy!