I was talking with my brother-in-law Bob the other day and he asked if I ever had the dream that I show up unprepared for a test at school. Never. I never have had that dream. But I am a dreamer (as I mentioned here) and I can tell you about my dreams every morning I wake up.

For several years, my reoccurring dream involved water coming into my house and flooding my bedroom. I would wake up and get out of bed to grab towels to soak up water. Fortunately, I no longer have that dream.

But there is one dream I can’t stop having and I hate it. Obviously I’ve watched Dateline news one too many times because my dreams are always about someone breaking into our house. Not only that, they are in my room. Two to three times a week I wake up and I’m convinced that there is someone in my room. Isn’t that awful?? I’ve since stopped watching criminal news shows but the dreams don’t stop. I will wake up in a complete panic – no matter what Steve says to convince me otherwise – and search the room for the intruder. This week it happened three nights in a row. The third night Steve says to me, “Seriously, you have issues if you have the same dream every night. Serious issues.” The next morning he asked me if I ever feel scared in our house during the day. No. Not ever. Not even when we lived in Milwaukee did I feel unsafe in my home. I don’t feel unsafe at night either, even when Steve is away for work, but the dream doesn’t go away. What’s weird is I wake up nearly the same time every night – just a half hour to an hour after I initially fall asleep. And I can recall the whole thing in the morning, every detail. It’s got to stop.

I want to dream about unicorns. And clouds of cotton candy.