We’ve had a good week. Everyone is happy with the outcome of Christmas (which I’m still sorting through far too many pictures) and looking forward to a week of playing and having fun.

The day after Christmas is the best. The stress of shopping, wrapping, cooking and cleaning are over. Instead children have full reign of the toys we were too busy to enjoy yesterday. Hallie spent the afternoon glued to Just Dance while Hunter watched Megamind and built with legos. There was no expectation for the day and no to-do list. It was a nice relaxing break from a busy and hectic month.

We would’ve stayed in our pajamas all day but we decided to join cousins for a good time at Jumpstreet. It was worth getting dressed for!

Tonight I was feeling the itch. I’ve put off house projects for two weeks now and more than anything I wanted to pull out the saw tonight and go at it. I’ve got quite a few baseboards to install and I’m ready to be done with it. I’m ready to reclaim my office! Perhaps I’ll get around to it tomorrow. Hopefully this guy works himself tired for a long afternoon nap!