We had that annoyingly busy Saturday this weekend, with nothing more than the things we chose to put on the schedule! Steve decided he wanted to make a productive Saturday and he made a list of all the things he wanted to see accomplished. Of course, I did the same and I made my list. And wouldn’t you know it, there were very few things that made it on both of our lists. Which seems to happen more times than nought. They were all “good” things and neither one of us wanted to see our list get tossed. So we did the best we could.

The kids had a church activity in the morning and Hunter had a birthday party in the afternoon. I took Hallie and her friend to the craft store where they picked out the craft they wanted to do. (I got mom points on that one!) By the time we got home, Steve was ready for some of his items to get crossed off which meant mowing the lawn with Hunter. By the time dinner time rolled around I still hadn’t accomplished my main item on the list: installing baseboards. Steve took care of the kids while I devoted two hours to baseboards. We got the kids in bed which meant Steve could get some more of his list done while I cleaned up and went to the grocery store at 9:30 at night.

By the time all the food was unpacked and put away we were both beat. I looked at my list next to my nightstand frustrated at how little I actually accomplished. I was tempted to write a couple of the things that didn’t make the list but were great that I did just so I could cross them off. Or even the times I was helping Steve with his list. Why do I create such lengthy lists for myself when I know very well there’s no way to accomplish it all?? It just leads to disappointment when the entire day was a great productive day on so many levels. No, the hallway baseboards did not get installed, or our family Christmas cards…or many other things. But we had a good day and for the most part we did it together. And I captured this photo:

Totally worth it. This little guy was in the mix of the excitement all day long. By the time the lawn was being mowed we decided it was safer for him inside. He cried and cried because he hates not being with his dad. He perched himself on the piano bench so he could get in on the action. It won’t be long before he’s out there alongside his dad and his brother doing the lawns. Of course at that point I’ll have to fight him to stay outside and help!