A lot of Steve’s family is spending the week up north skiing. More than anything he wishes he was there skiing beside them. More than anything I wish I was at a cabin drinking hot chocolate while others skied. (I’m allergic to cold) But instead Steve is going to work every day and I’m hanging out with the kiddos. Its at times like these that Steve is reminded why being the only one in a large family with a corporate job kind of stinks! 🙂

In order to deal with the disappointment of not being with family what else might we do, but start a project! If you learn anything from this blog – older homes are expensive and the projects never ending. Never ever ending.

Our pool is old and has lacked the attention it needed. This last year we fought to keep it clean and swimmable. But after a year of frustration and far too much money we decided it wasn’t worth fighting and we stopped loving it. We knew we needed to drain it and start over but we had to wait for the weather to cool. It’s now cool and it was way past due. We’ve started draining the swamp.

We’ll get it drained and give it a nice chlorine bath to kill the algae and hopefully (fingers crossed) it will be sparkling blue in no time. I hope so because Hunter offered the dinner prayer tonight and prayed that we might get blue water. At first Steve thought he was referencing ocean water from Sonic but he further explained he wants the pool water to not be green anymore.

Who wants to go skiing when there’s gems like this project??