Family pictures is one of those events that every mom stresses to get the outfits just right for, and the dad is annoyed that he has to show up. You figure if you’re paying good money to have them done (heaven knows it’s been years since you last had a nice photo, and this picture better last a long time as well) everything should be perfect. It never is. And as your criticizing your kids choice of playing outside just moments before leaving for pictures and getting grass stains, you debate canceling the whole thing. But you’re this far, so giving up is not an option. So you show up to your photos mad as can be at one another and expect the photographer to somehow pose you to look like a happy family. Not that this has ever happened to us…but as a photographer you see it all the time.

There is a reason why I don’t often hire someone to take our family pictures, it’s not worth the stress to me. But every 3 to 4 years I feel the urge and it’s been a while – so we scheduled a photo. We lucked out this year with a friend ( offering some holiday mini-shoots which was just what we needed. (It’s how I convinced Steve to even show up – “It’s not a real shoot, she’s just going to shoot a few pictures and we’re done, it will be painless”)

It really was painless. And I got a couple of photos with the kids which never happens when you’re always behind the camera. These should last us another three years!!

Lucky for me – I just opened my costco coupons and found a $10 off a canvas – just in time for me to order my family photo.