Over the years I’ve served in a variety of volunteer positions within our church. I’ve worked in the nursery, taught primary, worked with the young women, taught Sunday School, taught early morning seminary, worked with the women’s organization and planned activities for the ward. I’ve loved each position, although some were far more challenging than others.

To this day, seminary was by far my favorite. We (Steve and I shared the responsibility) would get up and teach a scripture based class in our home at 6am Monday-Friday. It was a small group, but they were devoted and we got to know them so well and loved them dearly. I think they were fond of us as well:

Although the time commitment was intense for our young family at the time, we got out of it so much more than we expected and we both agreed it had changed us.

Our days of teaching seminary are long gone and the opportunity will probably never present itself to us again, seeing as though they have full-time teachers in this area. But the next best thing to teaching seminary is working with the youth. From teaching Sunday lessons to weekly activities, I know these kids and they are great. We had a late night skate at the beginning of the month and it reminded me just how fun it is to be around them. There is never a dull moment and I love their energy.