There are few times in my life when I’ve longed for days gone by. But this week I had one of those thoughts that crept in. I got a call from Hallie’s school on Friday saying she had a fever and needed to be picked up. I rushed off to rescue her and got her settled in her quarantined bedroom. Life was still good.

However, somewhere along the way “life is good” turned into a weekend (plus Monday) of this:

That night while picking up pizza I felt it coming on and within two hours it had consumed me. The thought crossed my mind: What I wouldn’t give for our earlier days, when we had no kids in school or preschool to bring home ailments. Seriously for the first four years of parenthood, our kids were healthy as can be. I remember the first time Hallie even had the flu and threw up – she was four years old in preschool. So the fact that we’ve all had strep, flu, colds, pink eye…etc, it makes me remember the good ol’ days!

After 48 hours, I still only had a fever and aches (which was enough to keep me in bed for two days). Hallie’s was a full blown stuffy nose, and deep chest cold but mine never progressed into anything more. On Sunday morning I awoke to a numb/swollen/discolored index finger with a series of blisters on it and a high fever. I quickly realized, the cut that I had on my finger for some time and which hurt for quite a while was indeed quite infected. I started antibiotics immediately and received a priesthood blessing from Steve – within 24 hours the fever was gone, my finger started to return to it’s normal shape and color, and I was feeling a little better. Of course while my immune system was down, I caught a minor head cold which seems trivial compared to the way I felt over the weekend but it’s still inconvenient.

I am indebted to a husband who catered to me and the kids the whole weekend as I slept away the majority of it. By Sunday night, he was asking me what he should fix for dinner because he had extended his cooking abilities over the weekend: oatmeal, nachos, quesadillas, ramen noodles, pancakes – lucky for him we had one unused meal he could whip up: mac and cheese. I’ve made a mental note to teach him a few more easy meals!

To say that Steve is excited to go back to work tomorrow (after working from home today) is a complete understatement. It wasn’t quite the rejuvenating weekend we had all hoped for.