Have you ever grabbed someone’s phone and flipped through their pictures? I know I can’t be alone in this. I’ve had plenty of people look through my phone’s pictures and watch the videos. There’s that immediate nervousness – I hope they don’t find anything bad on there. And then there’s chuckles and jokes and of course there’s always a couple pictures/videos that demand an explanation. Our phones tell such a story about us, from the apps that we download to the music we listen to, to the pictures we take. Our lives play out through those little devices. I was flipping through Steve’s pictures this evening and had myself a good laugh, they definitely tell a story! I would say about half of all his pictures were work related, the other half family.

So here is life according to Steve.
A third of all his pictures look something like this:

He snaps pictures in PetSmart stores for reference and when he comes across interesting products at other stores he takes a picture.

The plane he flies on for the majority of his work trips. Unfortunately flying this way does not lend itself to frequent flyer points!

Documenting cool things to show the kids while on his travels:

Interesting work and team building activities:

His whiteboard at work that the kids decorated last time we were there:

He always sends me pictures of the kids when I’m away for an extended period of time, like when I went to Montana:

Date night:

Mischievous kids:

Capturing the tender moments like “towel baby”:

His phone tells me he is dedicated to his family and has a weird obsession with animal related products…or perhaps works for a pet store. It’s funny to see what captures his attention enough to warrant a picture – I love that he uses his phone to construct his “story”.

(He always claims my blog is so one-sided…but when I ask him to make a guest appearance he kindly refuses!)