I’ve got crafty kids – go figure. And as frustrated as Steve gets with my messiness while I’m crafting, I share the same feelings towards my children.

I encourage their desire for craft time; But every marker gets dumped out.

Every colored pencil is mysteriously broken which requires use of the fun electric pencil sharpener (which means shavings on the floor).

Of course no project is complete without gobs and gobs of glue which never stays on the paper and instead ends up on the table/counter.

And there has to be cutting. Lots and lots of cutting which means tiny pieces of paper everywhere.

Usually craft time is contained in the playroom. I can shut the door and not be bothered by the large amounts of paper on the floor. But when little brother is threatening their special projects, they relocate to the kitchen bar. They extend the playroom mess into my dinner making space. It’s annoying to clean-up but I actually quite enjoy it. I get to observe and listen while I prepare dinner. As long as Bennett is out of the picture they’re quite happy and content and could continue for some time. It’s the best they get along so the mess is totally worth it!