Make fun of me all you want – but I am a spray butter fan. I have been a fan for years and I have received all sorts of ridicule and mockery, but it hasn’t changed my habits! I use it on toast, muffins, rolls, corn on the cob, potatoes, asparagus – there is no limit to when I will pull out the spray. My children have been raised in a house with my example and they too love spraying. The other day, Hunter requested cinnamon toast. We had company over for dinner the previous night so I had a plate with a stick of butter on it on the counter. Not thinking anything of it, I took a knife out of the drawer and started to spread the butter. Hunter started throwing a little fit because he felt like I wasn’t making what he asked for.

Me: Why are you crying?

Hunter: Because I told you I wanted cinnamon toast.

Me: I know – that’s what I’m making for you.

Hunter: (Totally exasperated) Then why did you use that type of butter?

Type of butter? I’ve officially brainwashed my children if they think the stick of butter on a plate is a “type of butter”. They think the real butter comes in liquid form and is easily sprayed with little hands. It’s moments such as this that I feel like a successful mother!