I am declaring our sick week to be over. For over a week we have been fighting illness with one kid or another. (Or even myself!) But we’re done. I’m done with it. Yesterday was the first day in over a week that we didn’t have someone with a fever and it was a celebration. It was such a celebration I decided to leave the house for a good portion of the day!

I attended a women’s conference in the morning. I showed up to find my sister-in-law presenting at it – something I was surprised by. Clearly, we need better communication! I left feeling uplifted with a renewed sense of strength. I enjoyed the time with my sister-in-law through her class as well as the lunch we enjoyed together. It was a much needed break from a long and tiring week of sickness.

I’m slowly putting back the pieces of a neglected home. The laundry pile is shrinking, the toilets were finally cleaned, and we have groceries once again. My computer finally finished backing up which means I moved back into the office and order is being restored. Slowly. It feels good to be healthy again.