I pinned all these fun ideas for the kids valentine’s this year. But then I looked at the calendar and realized it was the 13th and I needed something ASAP. I ran to Wal-mart today and wouldn’t you know it, they were out of everything but Barbie (which I was totally against). They had a box of angry birds as well which would’ve been great but they only had one box and 10 additional valentines. I was kicking myself for not picking them up sooner, I’m still not sure how I completely missed the boat on this one. They did have some valentine pencils which was as good as I was going to get.

For Hunter, I used the valentine’s I made for Hallie last year. New class, new friends – easy as can be. He had to sign his name on every valentine and he loved the process.

We used the pencils for Hallie’s class and I designed a little tag, “You’re the “Write” Valentine for me.” She carefully wrote “to” and “from” on every tag and made sure she wrote every class members name in all caps and her name on the “from” line was in lowercase, “It just looks so much better that way.” A designer in the making.

20130213-DSC_7942 photo 20130213-DSC_7942_zpsc0d7b9cd.jpg
My panic session at Wal-mart ended up being completely unwarranted as this ended up being just as easy. Hallie’s box is already at school and Hunter made one at preschool. We’re ready to enjoy the day of love and overdose on sugar.