It’s that time of year – School Carnival. Last year was a huge hit with the kids (here) and this year did not disappoint.

I worked with the PTA on the carnival committee so I had extra duty to support this activity. The weather was a tad bit chilly which meant Steve and I encouraged wasting tickets where we could to speed up the process, we still ended up being there far longer than anticipated!

Hallie thought it was worth it to wait in line for this bungee jumper. I questioned the waiting several times, especially as the line in front of us continued to expand as kids were offering “back-cuts” to their friends. I didn’t even know what back-cuts were! But evidently people don’t want you to cut in front of them, so they say you can cut in behind them, so it doesn’t affect them! Clever – however, very annoying when you’re standing behind them. After several kids cut I finally had to speak up and declare the cutting would stop – or they would be kicked out of line. I had no authority to do so but they were young enough they believed me! It was a 45 minute wait. And we started tenth in line!

Once strapped in Hallie jumped and jumped; performing back flip after back flip. Pretty sure she enjoyed herself:
20130222-DSC_8164 photo 20130222-DSC_8164.jpg
20130222-DSC_8201 photo 20130222-DSC_8201.jpg

After the painfully long wait in the bungee line I swore off any more bouncers – luckily Hallie had already conquered the rock wall when the line was non-existent.
20130222-DSC_8155 photo 20130222-DSC_8155.jpg
Hunter ran into his best buddy and was in heaven. (His buddy clearly didn’t want his picture taken, no matter how many times I told him to look up. His sucker was more important!)
20130222-DSC_8203 photo 20130222-DSC_8203.jpg
We made sure to hit the game booths where you win a prize regardless of your skill in the game. Always a favorite with the kids and the most annoying for parents as there is crying minutes later when their “prize” breaks or doesn’t work! What do they expect? They got a toy for participating in the booth without having to meet any type of standard, they don’t know how good they have it!
20130222-DSC_8218 photo 20130222-DSC_8218.jpg
20130222-DSC_8207 photo 20130222-DSC_8207.jpg
20130222-DSC_8202 photo 20130222-DSC_8202.jpg
20130222-DSC_8223 photo 20130222-DSC_8223.jpg
20130222-DSC_8206 photo 20130222-DSC_8206.jpg

Bennett wanted everything his siblings won – but mostly he wanted Hallie’s sucker:
20130222-DSC_8205 photo 20130222-DSC_8205.jpg
20130222-DSC_8212 photo 20130222-DSC_8212.jpg
20130222-DSC_8216 photo 20130222-DSC_8216.jpg
We let him play with a football instead – that satisfied him for approximately 30 seconds before he threw it down and walked over to a booth and grabbed his own toy out of the bin. I shoved a ticket in the box for good measure, I wasn’t about to take the toy from him!
20130222-DSC_8228 photo 20130222-DSC_8228.jpg
As the sun dropped it grew colder and we shivered as we chowed down on pizza and drinks. We still had tickets to spend so we quickly disposed of them between the novelty shop and the food section. We went home with a dozen Krispy Kremes and 3 fruit smoothies (it was too cold to eat them there, so we took them home to enjoy them. It is a rare occasion for me to pass up a smoothie!) And as cold as the kids were they were happy and completely smitten with their loot. Happy kids make happy parents. The only thing that could’ve of made me more happy (besides warmer weather of course) would’ve been kettle corn. They had it last year and I even set aside plenty of tickets this year to buy a bag or two. Totally disappointed- I was on the committee and I didn’t even realize we missed bringing in kettle corn. I won’t make the same mistake next year!