I suffer from a self-proclaimed allergy to cold weather. It plagued me in Wisconsin and before that in Idaho. Due to my allergy – I have restricted myself from participating in certain activities; one such activity is skiing. Steve grew up skiing and has a family full of talented skiers. Although I skied several times growing up, it was far from enjoyable for me and I was never something I sought out.

The last time I skied was at Deer Valley right after we got married. I skied for the morning and my knees hurt so bad I called it a day after lunch. I hadn’t skied since then, nine years ago – until this weekend. Our youth program planned a ski trip which I knew I had to be a part of. I convinced Steve we could make a fun day trip date out of it and he happily obliged.

It snowed 27 inches earlier in the week and the blanket of snow was beautiful from my nicely heated car!
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I got cold feet (no pun intended) on the way up and was convinced the weather would be far to cold for me to be participating. I pictured myself curled up in the lodge with a good book as I kept tabs on the youth coming and going. We arrived and I stepped out of the car and nearly died of frozen lungs – it has been a long time since I’ve felt weather that cold! Arizona has thinned my blood!

As I rushed around (with the other adult leaders) making sure all 30 kids had what they needed I warmed up considerably and took the opportunity to ski with my husband. He was kind enough to do the easy hills with me until I called it quits halfway through the day. I knew my knees couldn’t handle another couple hours so I quit before I became sore.
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We all had a great time and I loved spending the afternoon in the lodge hearing the kids recall wipe-out stories and scary moments. It was a great energy.

We made a stop for dinner on the way home and enjoyed ourselves some Idaho fries:
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The time I had with Steve in the car (almost three hours each way) was awesome. On the way up the girls riding with us were chatty and energetic – they slept the whole way home while Steve and I discussed our plans for changing the world and raising our family. Valuable and well spent time.