I used to think the only redeeming quality of February was that it was a short month. I don’t live in a cold climate anymore and I’ve grown rather fond of the month of love. In fact it’s one of the best weather months of the year in Arizona. Always a reason to celebrate!

Our family is going to share the love on Monday. We’ve had several people in the neighborhood lose their spouse over the past year and I’ve decided our family night will be dedicated to them. I drew a sign for the kids to color on Sunday – which will be dropped off on their doorstep Monday with…a moonpie. No, I’ve never tried one and yes they look absolutely disgusting, but the name is so fitting, I couldn’t help myself!

Hallie watched me draw it out and waited patiently looking over my shoulder, waiting for me to finish. She wanted to color one right then and I was not working fast enough for her. She decided to go outside and play; she drew her own version in chalk on the patio.