Love day is over. Our children are safely tucked in their beds with sugar comas, only to awake tomorrow with sugar headaches and meltdowns. The things we do to celebrate holidays!!

The kids enjoyed their school parties and came home with buckets of treats. I’m seriously boycotting candy in the Valentine’s we give next year. I think they got more candy today than they did on Halloween.

I was slightly distracted this afternoon as I visited with family and before I knew it most of the candy had been consumed. And Bennett had a good chunk of it still in his mouth when I found him.

When Steve got home from work we went on a family date to enjoy two of our favorite foods; Tia Rosas and Frozen Yogurt. (Because the amount of sugar they had earlier was definitely not enough to make them slip into a deep sugar induced coma.) I suppose the yogurt was icing on the cake!

I enjoyed a little scavenger hunt that Hallie and Hunter created for me to find my cards from them, Hallie is a clever girl and she’s training her brother in her ways! According to Hallie, “You’re the best mom ever and I love you so much. P.S. I love that you always cook me dinner.” That alone made the day worth waking up for.

It was a lovely day of love. Hopefully Steve and I can celebrate another day (sans kids) when not all the babysitters in the area are being used! 🙂