Have I mentioned how much I love my parents and love when they come to visit?? I really do. I love that my kids get to spend time with them and build relationships, I love late night talks and dinner conversations, I love that we force ourselves to go do things (we typically like to stay at home) and I really love that they are willing to pitch in and help out with whatever random project that pops into my mind.

I took my parents to a local fruit/vegetable market the first day they were here so I could show them all the goodness that Arizona has to offer. I just happened to come across a crazy good deal on tomatoes and I knew our salsa supply was low. I cringed at the thought of having to make salsa with company in town but my mom assured me it wouldn’t be a big deal and we could get it done quickly. I ended up with 20lbs of tomatoes.
20130227-DSC_8240 photo 20130227-DSC_8240.jpg
My mom is a trooper and ended up in the kitchen manning the salsa making. Love her for that. My dad was in the other room installing a new ceiling fan. Yes, they are fantastic.

I wish they could just move in. There is no doubt I would wear them out, they’re probably better off in Idaho!