Steve just returned from a 10-day business trip to China and to say we are all a little excited would be an understatement. My heart goes out to all the single mothers out there that manage it on their own every single day. It. Is. Not. Easy.

Here’s a few snippets from my 10-day glimpse of single motherhood:

Bennett asked for his dad at least 384 times while he was away.

I tucked in 300 toes.

We went on 7 bike rides.

We didn’t eat a single doughnut – clearly doughnuts are a dad thing!

I painted one kitchen.

We juiced 250 oranges.

We went on 2 walks.

We skyped with Steve 3 times.

We ate at Taco Bell once.

I made it through two Sunday church services on my own.

We went to two of my nephews volleyball games, a track meet and a softball game.

I snuck away from the kids with my sister-in-law in town two times thanks to a babysitter.

I only visited Home Depot one time!

Only did one load of laundry.

Talked to my mom four times.

I cooked potatoes three times, I’m an Idaho girl.

Pulled out the power-tools two times and the vacuum 9 times.

Made it the entire time without one tear of frustration. That was the miracle of the whole week!

We finally got Steve home and within three hours, he couldn’t fight the jet lag.
20130325-DSC_8974 photo 20130325-DSC_8974.jpg

A little power nap gave him enough juice to get through dinner and family night where he shared with us all of his cool experiences and gave the kids some souvenirs and fun Chinese outfits. I love that Hunter immediately turns into a super ninja when he puts on his new silky robe.
20130325-DSC_8987 photo 20130325-DSC_8987.jpg
He spent the rest of the evening karate chopping his sister.

We are so happy to have Steve home tonight and I appreciate more than ever. I didn’t have to clean the kitchen after dinner or do bedtime and it was awesome. I’m relieved to know when he goes to China this summer I will be in Idaho with family!