It’s always the best books that die an untimely death. The books that are the most loved, the most read, favorites by each and every kid and handed down with love.

We had one such casualty tonight by our favorite author Sandra Boynton:

Snuggle Puppyhas been around since Hallie was a baby and I could tell the last couple nights that I read it to Bennett that it had seen better days. He’s in love with his “books” and carries this one around more than the others. Hallie brought it to me tonight in disbelief, she wanted to make sure we could buy another one because even though she reads older books, she likes to read that one to Bennett. Too cute.

I think snuggle puppy became a favorite because years ago, we met the author and purchased one of her books with a CD included. The CD took a lot of her books and turned them into song. Snuggle puppy happened to be one of the songs and it was so catchy that we can’t read the book anymore, we have to sing it. Here’s a link to a portion of the song. Be warned – it’s addicting and the kids can’t help but sing along