While my mom was in town I roped her into helping me with some curtains. I’ve made lots of curtains over the years. More recently I’ve made these and these which both used a hidden tab top.

However, my living room curtain had to be different. The curtains for my living room were being hung on an industrial rod (here) which meant I needed to create curtains using drapery hooks so I would have the capability to remove them on the off chance that some disobedient child used my curtains as a napkin. Luckily, I’ve trained my kids better than that but just in case they have a lapse of judgement.

Life with Fingerprints: DIY lined curtains using drapery hooks

I had my mom assist me in making ten button holes on the top of each panel (modeled after a set I bought at Pottery Barn Kids a few years back) for the drapery hooks to slide into; the hooks we used didn’t have a sharp edge to pierce the fabric.

I’ve had the best of intentions of making these curtains for over a year now with no progress. My mom was able to give me the necessary push to get them done. It’s amazing how some fabric can transform a room. Love them.

curtains using drapery hooks

*I purchased the fabric at tonicliving.com