Going on a two year mission for the church is a big deal. You give up your goals and dreams for a short period of time, you leave your friends and family and you selflessly get busy in the work of the Lord. I’ve got two nephews currently serving, one in Argentina and the other in Chile, and the kids pray for their cousins every single night. We were so excited to receive the text this afternoon letting us know that our nephew, Paxton, had received his call in the mail.

We gathered this evening to watch him open the large envelope and read aloud where he will spend his two years. To say he has a few people that love and support him in this is an understatement. Here is a portion of the people there this evening:
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Not to mention, he had family phone in/skype from Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin and California.

Everyone made their predictions prior to the announcement.
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Everyone, especially Paxton and his parents, was nervous.
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You are hearby called to serve in the Brazil, Manaus mission. (cue the screams, “I knew it”, cheering and hugs”
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There were several people that predicted he would go to Brazil, including Paxton and his mom.
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Some of his biggest fans and best friends – they’ll be in the same position opening their calls in no time.
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We are all so stinkin’ excited for him and yet a little scared as well because change in general is intimidating. So experiencing that change in Brazil is a little scary! He’ll do amazing things no doubt. Love him to pieces.
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