Our 12 orange trees in the grove that we call a backyard are in their prime. We’ve had fresh squeezed juice constantly in our fridge for weeks and we have several weeks to go. I’ve been trying to come up with new recipes involving oranges just to use some more up, but I’m coming up a little short. Oranges aren’t as universal as I was thinking they might be, so we’re stuck with orange juice, and…orange juice. Really creative, I know! If anyone has any great orange based recipes please let me know, we’re open for all ideas!!

A while back I thought to make some orange julius. It was always a mall favorite of mine stemming from my grandmother who would like to get them as a treat.
Fresh Squeezed orange julius
I scoured the internet and found several recipes, we’ve been trying them out and have compiled a couple to come up with our favorite.

16 oz fresh squeezed orange juice


1 tsp vanilla

2 tsp vanilla pudding powder

1/4 sugar (depending on the sweetness of your oranges, we’ve added more or less)

Pour the orange juice into the blender. Add enough ice so the juice rises to the 32oz mark, add sugar, vanilla and pudding and blend. Blend for a couple minutes and serve immediately.

We’ve been making these two times a day and wouldn’t mind throwing in a third round for breakfast! I don’t think the kids would complain!
20130311-DSC_8580 photo 20130311-DSC_8580.jpg
20130311-DSC_8581 photo 20130311-DSC_8581.jpg