After some good times – we said goodbye to my parents today as we sent them on their way back to Idaho. I’m sure we’re not he only ones, but goodbyes are always tough around these parts.

When my mom used to visit us in Wisconsin, as soon as she rolled her luggage to the front door, the tears started rolling. We drove to the airport one afternoon, my mom and I fighting away tears when Hallie said, “Why are you crying so much.” My mom explained to her that she loved spending time with her and it would be hard to leave her. Just a few years later, Hallie knows exactly what my mom was talking about.
20130306-DSC_8432 photo 20130306-DSC_8432.jpg
Today Hallie was the first to break down. She got home from school and we had a half hour before going to the airport. I found her in the kitchen sobbing. I told her to find her grandma and tell her just how much she loved her. Hallie’s emotions set in motion a series of tearful hugs. I’m sure the people at the airport thought we were saying goodbye for the very last time!

I know that we’ll be in Idaho this summer, but having my parents here with my kids is priceless. We love when they come visit. I’m already trying to negotiate their next visit!