We live in the city- but the country is close which is apparent in Lehi Days; a rodeo our stake puts on every year just a mile from our house. While my parents were in town we paid the rodeo a visit (while Bennett was at home napping with Steve) and it did not disappoint. The minute we got there, Hunter requested a horse ride, it’s the one time of year that we allow them to get close to animals…kidding…kind of.
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We watched the rodeo and tried convincing Hallie and Hunter to participate in the kid’s “chick run”; they enter the ring where all the kids chase a couple chicks around and if you catch one you get to take it home. I wanted them to participate but I didn’t want them to actually catch one – so I was okay when they refused!

Of course the girl sitting in front of us managed to catch one so she shared her new found treasure. The kids were enamored and Hallie was convinced that she’ll do it next year!
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We had a great afternoon living our country dreams.
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