Steve was in China last week which meant some portion of the home needed an inexpensive makeover. The kitchen paint had already been purchased in anticipation of the kitchen makeover that was to take place this spring. Instead we paid for tuition and I was put on a project freeze, which is almost as fun as getting a new kitchen! But we still had paint just sitting in the garage, waiting for someone to open it and make something pretty with it. Although the paint will look better when we complete the transformation, I still like it far better than the overbearing gold I lived with for a year and a half!

Here is the kitchen before we moved in:
20111117-DSC_2268 photo 20111117-DSC_2268-1.jpg

48 hours after he left, I started clearing out the kitchen in preparation:
20130318-DSC_8801 photo 20130318-DSC_8801.jpg

After three days, endless trips up and down an extension ladder, bruised shins from leaning on the ladder, paint covered hands, I was able to tear the tape away and marvel in the lightness of the new color, Silver Fox by Dunn Edwards.
20130327-DSC_9005 photo 20130327-DSC_9005.jpg

I envision Silver Fox with white cabinets and light gray granite countertops, Kashmir White to be precise. But for now, I’m just loving that the gold walls are gone. And one day we’ll move forward with my vision, all in due time.