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There are two weeks every year that those of us without allergies look forward to: orange blossom season. We live in an area that once housed acres of orange trees, and most of the lots have a lot of orange trees just like us, so the smell of the blossoms is abundant. The other night I walked out the front door and the smell overcame me; it wasn’t overbearing at all, but it sweetly filled the air. I casually commented to my friend that I wished I could bottle up that smell; evidently there’s a candle company that’s done it and supposedly it’s pretty good. But let’s be serious, no ball of wax will ever amount to those sweet white flowers hanging from my trees. I hate when I start to see the blossoms hit the ground. Most of the trees by now have lost their blossoms, but we still have three trees in all their glory and I can’t get enough of the smell.
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