I’ve had a couple of those moments lately where time slows down just long enough for me to realize just how fast life is passing me by. I’m living it, and for the most part it’s fantastic. Although in the trenches of motherhood I often overlook the simple joys of small children. Instead I focus on the spilled milk, inconvenient nap time, constant fighting and lack of appreciation. Everyone older is quick to remind me just how much I will miss these moments. However, when I’m currently living it, it’s hard to imagine ever missing this stage. It’s a hard stage. It’s an exhausting stage. But I’m trying to live in this stage without wishing away my days for a new stage. Here are some ordinary things I’m loving.

Right when Bennett gets up from his nap he’s generally really grumpy. Snuggling doesn’t usually soothe him, but once I give him endless amounts of food, he perks right up. I love his sleepy face in this picture.

Hunter loves his cars and he sprawls out on the floor and makes the sound effects.

Hallie and Hunter love make-believe and they often spend their evenings outside in their make-believe world. This particular night they were trying to stay away from the sharks jumping from pirate ship to pirate ship.

Bennett is a climber, yet hasn’t figured out how to get out of his crib thank heavens.

Hunter spends his quiet time each day with puzzles and legos sprawled across the wood floors.